12 Facts You Need To Know About Dekeri Sunday Anamero

12 Facts You Need To Know About Dekeri Sunday Anamero

Mr. Dekeri Anamero is a philanthropist, business mogul and a Nigerian politician with vast experience in both private and public sectors. He is the APC candidate for Etsako federal house of representatives in the forthcoming 2023 general elections. Birth

Born on 25th October, 1969 to Mr. and Mrs. Sunday Dekeri, a middle class parents in Ogute, Okpella, Etsako East Local Government Area, Edo State, Nigeria.

Early Education

Young Anamero had his early education at Ugbedogun Primary School and Ogute-Oke Secondary School both in Ogute, Okpella Edo State. DEKERI SUNDAY ANAMERO

Poverty Life and Experience

Notwithstanding his remarkable achievements in business and private life, his upbringing cannot be considered a silver spoon experience.

This is evident upon his encounter with poverty at its peak in his tender age.

This acerbic and traumatic experience nevertheless fortified his determination to succeed and therefore propelled his drive to impact his environment by lending a hand of fellowship to those in need which is now institutionalised as: Anamero Idofe Anamero Foundation – www.anamerofoundation.cf

Adulthood and Bravery

As a young boy, Anamero was already manifesting his lofty ideals for communal support and nurturing leadership role.

At such tender age, the young Anamero would organize labourers to assist his father in his cocoa farming and busines activities.

This was the beginning of creating job opportunities by Anamero to the benefit of employees to earn income for daily survival.

Early Business Life

However, after successfully completing his Secondary School in 1987, Mr. Anamero ventured into cocoa farming, produce buying and warehousing activities. This he continued to do until he began to diversify into other businesses.

Anamero as a Trailblazer

By sheer dit of hard-work and determination, Anamero made fortune of these endeavours and by 1994, he had the singular honour of being the first Etsako indigene to export cocoa produce overseas.

Entrepreneur cum Philanthropist

An entrepreneur and Philanthropist extra-ordinary, Anamero believes that his greatest achievement is being able to put a smile in the face of the needy. He therefore opted to pursue his dream by choosing the entrepreneurial path, a desire he approached with vehemence and single-minded determination culminating in the establishment of his first company in 1994- Danco Investment Ltd.

Higher Education

Anamero Dekeri’s passion for education could not be obstructed by his apparent successes in entrepreneurship. Hence, he knew that limitations inevitably abounds as a business man if he fails to further education. He then proceeded to Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma where he bagged L.L.B degree in Law in 2004.

Anamero Dekeri –a Philanthropist extra-ordinary is a man with a large heart, and vehemently abhors oppression and any form of injustice. He believes poverty is not only repugnant to social justice but it’s also a threat to human value and dignity.

His Philosophy of Life

Anamero’s philosophy of life is that the test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide the necessary support to those who have too little and are therefore in need. He believes strongly that the moment a person’s focus changes from “helping others” to “how one can get others to help” is the moment failure begin to set in.

Flowing from the above, Anamero’s joy comes when he is able to put a smile on the faces of others. His favourite quote that: “the haves should live simply so others may simply live” has gained widespread usage amongst his admirers

It is in pursuit of this creed that Anamero set up the Anamero Idofe Anamero foundation- a charity organisation. For over a decade and more, the NGO has been touching lives and helping to actualizing its founder’s vision to be a positive change agent for humanity and giving back to the society at large.

Community Development Projects Interestingly, the foundation has commendably executed several laudable projects including but not limited to the following:

1. Annual distribution of writing materialsto all public primary schools in Edo North Senatorial District.

2. Construction of town halls in communities across Okpella. This is anchored on his belief that sitting together to discuss issues and challenges helps in solving problems, strengthening communal spirit of togetherness and development.

3. Constructed virgin road to open up anew layout in Ogute-Okpella. 4. Donation of electricity transformers to some communities in Okpella and environs.

5. Constructed and donated industrialboreholes across communities.

6. Donated blocks of classrooms to

Ogute-Oke Secondary School and

Iturogbe Primary School in Okpella.

7. Supporting indigent students in secondary and tertiary institutions with scholarships across Edo North.

8. Cash transfer to assist widows andpetty traders across Edo North through his empowerment program.

9. Organized periodic training and empowerment for farmers across Edo North Senatorial District to boost agro products while averting food insecurity.

10. Sponsored the Ogute-Oke new layout electrification project.

11. Organized periodic trainings and enlightenment seminars for Hunters and Vigilante groups in Edo North senatorial District to support the security architecture.

12. Support and Treatment of Cancer Patients, etc.S

A Successful Oil Magnate

In 1994, Anamero ventured into

petroleum marketing business with the sole intention to make petroleum products readily available and also put an end to shortages of products which was the dominant and prevailing challenges confronting Edo north people as well as his fellow farmers. The situation was usually worst especially during cocoa harvest season in the autumn resulting in perishing and loss of harvests. Today, Anamero has changed the narrative and his filling stations now sells fuel at a fair price.

Anamero Dekeri is a foundation member of the All Progressives Congress (APC). He is the APC candidate for Etsako Federal house of representatives.

Anamero is happily married with children.