2023: Why The Odds Favour Ajadi For NNPP Vice Presidency

2023: Why The Odds Favour Ajadi For NNPP Vice Presidency

By Cami Ezenwa

With the 2023 general elections already by the corner, political parties worth their name are constantly overviewing and reassessing their game plans, in the bid to post excellent results in the polls.

This is especially the case because flag bearers for the political parties have been known, and who they eventually settle for as running mates stand a chance of making or marring them at the elections.

Within the fold of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), the decision of who to use as running mate, is not expected to be a knotty as it is for other parties.

Without the right candidates, even a political parties with great manifesto may find itself finishing last.

And if dispassionate assessment is to be permitted here, no region appears to have worked in growing followership and acceptability for the party as the Southwest, despite not being its flafbearer.

By its show of tenacity, the region engenders hope for the party as it remains the great, if not the greatest stronghold of the NNPP outside the base of its flagbearer.
Political analysts find instructive, the point that the party was founded by a non-Westerner, but an Easterner, Mr Boniface Aniebonam and has a presidential candidate from the north. If it then has a massively impressive presence in the Soutwest, there is every tendency that someone from the region has seen to that, especially in the recent.
One of the names that readily come to mind, is Comrade Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo, building on the strong foundations that have been laid by pioneers like the Ogun State chairman of the party, Mr Oginni Olaposim, the chairman of the Southwest forum of the ANPP , Hon Olayinka Dada as well as their Osun chapter chairman of the party, Mr Odeyemi, amongst others.
That Ajadi has been widely received by all these stalwarts despite a relatively short time of arrival at the party, speaks to his amenability and adaptability as a politician. No doubt, his widely travelled nature, focus on achieving results for the nation and the party, and not for self, have equally remained major moderators on the side of Ajadi.
A widely travelled entrepreneur involved in manufacture of drinks and beverages as well as provision of hi-tech security services, Ajadi is also a philanthropist who has seen life from its different perspectives.
It was his doggedness in the midst of life-threatening challenges in early life,that saw him eventually travailing abroad, availing him perspectives of a better life which he now dreams for his country.
Those are by way of a background, but they are necessary because now that party presidential candidates for next year’s election are already known, greater attention is being focused on who and who have the slot of the all-important running mates slots, the New Nigerian People’s Party (NNPP) being a classical case.
With the founder of the party, Mr Boniface Aniebonam, being from the East, and Alhaji Musa Kwankwaso, the presidential candidate, coming from the North, attention is focused in the West producting the running mate.

Pundits who moot the idea of Olufemi Ajadi predicate their suggestion on many sound reasons, some of which have already been broached above.
As is chorused by many within the fold of the party, many things than one qualifu Ajadi for the much treasured NNPP vice presidency.
For one, no other candidate has made as much commitment to the progress of the party especially in the south west as Aojadi.
These commitments have ranged from outright fund donation, to others which cannot be quantified in monetary values, they include, mobilization, consistent sensitization to bridge building. His commitment to the course of the party has been foundated on many factors,, number one being a revelation to him before now, of a new nigeian in which he was going to play a key role.
The details is actually for another day, but suffice that it was the revelation that saw him winning the endorsement of the founder of the party, Mr Boniface Aniebonam, with a joyous celebration following.
Even since that meeting with Aniebonam and the prayers that followed, Ajadi had not looked back working to actualise the mandate.
Before now, Ajadi had consulted with former president and respected elder statesman, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo at his Ota farm abode, and also Yoruba leader Pa Adesanya.
He has sought and obtained the blessings of notable Yoruba royal father’s, including the Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Ogunwusi 11; the Olubadan of Ibadan, Oba Lekan Balogun; the traditional ruler of Gbongan, His Royal Majesty, Oba Adetoyese Oyeniyi Odegbami, in fact while gracing the culturally rich Gbongan day.
Ajadi’s seeking of spiritual prayers and endorsement began from the palace of the Olubafo of Ibafo, Oba Alayade Alabi, Ibafo being where he located his beverages and drinks manufacturing company, and has led him before many notable clerics and traditional leaders.
He and his entourage has equally been received at the palace of Aare Onakakanfo of Yoruband, Gani Adams amongst several other dignitaries. In addition to the earlier visit to Kwankwaso
To state at this juncture that has an unprecedented appeal and acceptance is to state the obvious.
It was not a surprise therefore, when chairmen of the a southwest chapter of the NNPP rallied at a press conference calling on Kwankwaso to pick Ajadi as his running mate.
It was a call based on dispassionate assessment ad acknowledgement of the contributions that he was making in the party.
He has continued to mobilise men and materials towards the party emerging victorious at 2023 presidential elections. The chairmen were led to the conference, by Hon Olayinka Dada.
They were full of commendations for Ajadi, saying his joining and embarking on a number of activities ever since, had helped in lifting the name and profile of the NNPP in the country generally but in the southwest particularly.
Ajadi’s reputation with Nigerian youths has no rival.
Leaning on his commandeering position and Frontline rule in the #EndSARS campaign, as well as leadership of All Nigerian Youths Reoriented Movement, Ajadi has seen to boosting of the support base of the NNPP with many young people now seeing the party as their own.
He has personally engineered sensitisation campaigns encouraging youths to go and obtain their Permanent Voters’ Cards (PVCs) as well as committing to being part of the process of the elections come next year.
All the chapters of the youth organisations under his leadership are gradually metamorphosing into grassroots wings of the NNPP.
There is little or no doubt that any political party which has the millions of youth supporters and voters under its control would likely spring a surprise in 2023.
Also, Ajadi is a rave in the media. He is as constant in engaging the people and implementing programmes and responding to issue, as the northern star
He is a newsman’s delight, and this ensured his constant presence in the media.
There are eloquent accounts of him in the media pleading with the government to end the lingering strike of the Academic staff Union of Universities (ASUU) so that students could return to school; of the federal government stopping the spate of insecurity and make life more liveable for Nigerians, as well several suggestions on the imperatives of diversifying the economy amongst others.
Almost everything of national significance has seen Ajadi sharing his perspectives the way a true statesman is.
Add all the above vortues to the fact that Ajadi has youth to his side, in fact a huge youthful following; is a philanthropist with chains of humanitaorm deeds to his name, has a clean record within the party; has chains of engreprisis and as such coming into politics already financially comfortable,:,-)and then is already making high level contacts with business allies in the US and the UAE for example, and you will agree that the Vice Presidency cap would sit well on his head.
In fact, many who have interacted with him attest to his humanitarianism.
There are indeed a legion for reasons for Senator Kwakwanso to look in the direction of the southwest for his running mate, and in short, pick a right man for the job.
The job suits a man with youth on his side, wide a xeptability, a man who did wait to be given a political office before working to improve the lot of his party and his constituents.
If Ajadi could do so much before even receiving any party mandate, there is every tendency that he would surpass expectations once given the ticket.
For the NNPP, to do otherwise may amount to shooting itself on the leg