Reps Approve N607.952bn 2022 FCT Appropriation Bill, 32 Days Before End Of Fiscal Year

Reps Approve N607.952bn 2022 FCT Appropriation Bill, 32 Days Before End Of Fiscal Year

The House of Representatives on Tuesday approved the sum of N607.952 billion Appropriation bill for the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) for 2022 fiscal year, 32 days before the end of the year.

The Appropriation bill is scheduled to end on the 31st of December 2022, according to the recommendations of the report of the joint House Committees on FCT and FCT Area Councils, which was considered during the Committee of Supply.

A breakdown of the budget showed that the sum of N76,565,904,857 is for Personnel Costs and N138,199,851,110 is for Overhead Costs while the balance of N393,182,267,614 is for Capital Expenditure.


However, critical sectors such as Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA), Maitama District Hospital, Wuse District Hospital, Asokoro District Hospital, Kubwa District Hospital as well as FCT Semi-Urban Districts Hospital and FCT Satellite District Hospitals, others got zero capital allocation in the 2022 Appropriation bill passed by the House.


According to the report on Capital Expenditure, FCTA gets N14,326,517,464; Protocol Department gets N34,002,187; Security Services Department – N2,001,924,222; FCT Treasury – N3,551,231,616; Department of economic planning – N211,228,410; Department of Human Resource Management – N136,447,444; FCT Audit Department – N136,131,508; Department of Monitoring and Inspection – N257,000,000; Land Administration Department – N195,003,035; FCT Procurement Department- N275,251,387; FCT Directorate of Muslim Pilgrims Affairs – N311,184,004; FCT Directorate of Christian Pilgrims Affairs – N109,257,010; FCT Pension Department -N6,854,795; FCT Archives and Historical Bureau – N199,824,870 and FCT Urban and Regional Planning Tribunal -N44,951,750.


FCT Department of Outdoor Advertisement and Signages gets N664,491,876; Department of Information and Communication – N117,553,638; Department of Reform Coordination and Service Improvement – N68,685,156; Engineering Services – N166,860,172,555; Public Buildings – N2,709,656,961; Resettlement and Compensation Department -N1,783,159,523; Urban and Regional Planning -N192,886,896; Survey and Mapping – N1,873,297,380; Mass Housing Department – N129,216,825; FCDA Procurement Department – N282,470,336; Engineering Design -N1,705,986,178; FCT Legal Secretariat – N202,435,500; Area Council Secretariat – N91,829,857; ACSS Inspectorate, Planning and Monitoring – N99,158,360; ACSS Chieftaincy and Community Development – N645,457,370; ACSS Primary Health Care Department – N44,601,624; ACSS Planning, Research and Statistics – N80,268,956; Area Councils Service Commission – N706,428,830; FCT Area Councils Staff Pension Board – N254,024,161; Office of the Auditor-General for FCT Area Councils – N406,482,400; Transport Secretariat – N348,765,200; Road Traffic Services – N1,770,460,272; Bus Rapid Transit and Transport Regulations (BRT&TR) – N51,708,832; Department of Traffic Management – N1,451,296,206; Department of Transportation – N70,014,092,985; Department of Transportation Planning, Research and Statistics – N212,994,400; while gets Education Secretariat – N2,087,432,564.


FCT Agency For Mass Education gets N813,372,179; FCT Education Resource Centre – N398,924,967; FCT Universal Basic Education – N3,172,926,947; FCT Secondary Education Board – N1,856,343,195; FCT College of Education, Zuba – N385,467,440; FCT Agency for Science and Technology – N695,826,854; FCT Scholarship Board – N88,822,386; Department of Quality Assurance – N128,837,112; Department of Higher Education – N79,690,442; Department of Policy, Planning, Research and Statistics – N194,426,024; Department of Special Needs Education – N76,994,800; HHS Secretariat – N3,108,206,744; School of Nursing and Midwifery – N784,830,257; Department of Nursing Services – N127,208,800; Public Health Department – N50,973,285; Health Planning Research and Statistics – N22,992,772; Department of Pharmacy – N132,087,139; FCT Medical and Diagnostics – N44,000,000; Health Management Board – N1,758,520,941.

FCT Primary Health  Care Development Board gets N373,390,490; Agriculture and Rural Development Secretariat – N864,502,037; FCT Agric Development Project -N284,359,520; Department of Agric Services – N2,944,732,480; Department of Agricultural Planning, Research and Statistics – N13,743,107; Department of Veterinary Services – N89,587,280; Department of Animal Husbandry -N1,278,158,229; Department of Forestry and Rural Development – N371,852,343; Department of Cooperative and Rural Development – N242,366,240; Department of Fisheries – N87,103,941; Social Development Secretariat – N745,986,856; Welfare Department – N121,867,138; Sports Department – N141,044,428; Tourism Department -N18,311,089; Gender Development Department -N398,733,270; Arts and Culture – N22,848,467; Youth department – N91,476,000; Abuja Metropolitan Management Council – N803,750,240; Parks and Recreation – N334,763,116; Facilities Maintenance and Management – N8,205,622,568; FCT Urban Affairs – N151,935,420; Development Control Department – N1,640,476,190; FCT Water Board – N4,498,693,697; FCT Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency – N893,809,200; Abuja Environmental Protection Board – N366,602,932; Abuja Geographic Information Systems – N668,733,433; Satellite Towns Development Department – N75,757,780,535; Abuja Infrastructure Investment Centre (AIIC) – N133,880,761; FCT Emergency Management Agency – N210,458,508 while Department of Fire Service gets N353,421,274