UEF  Donates To Security Unit Of Ukumunyio, Okpella

UEF Donates To Security Unit Of Ukumunyio, Okpella

As part of Ukhomunyio Elites Forum (UEF) Corporate Socio Responsibility in encouraging and strengthen the security platform of the community, Sunday, October 3, 2021, UEF presented some money to the security platform of Ukhomunyio as a way of encouraging the security personnels in the good works they’ve been doing.

Moreso, The Ukhomunyio Elites Forum also promise the Ukhomunyio security outfit that the association will support and provide legal backings to her operations in case there is any further need for legal luminance.

In the appreciation speech by the Commandant, Junedu Abdullahi, he opines that; Ukhomunyio Elites Forum (UEF) have really been helpful with the monthly financial support to the security unit of Ukhomunyio and also urge UEF not to relent in doing what is right and ensure that from the security unit, more records of success will be achieved.