This is for those who do not know what ASUU strikes had achieved for Nigeria Education. Let me highlight them:

1. ETF – A tax fund that had provided infrastructure for all levels of education ( primary to Tertiary)

2. TETFUND – A tax fund that is presently providing infrastructure and man power development in all tertiary institutions (States & Federal)

3. NEED ASSESSMENT FUND (2009- University revatelization agreement fund)- Government budgeted fund for infrastructure and man power development for only Universities (States & Federal).

4. The amendment of the law to increase the retirement age to 65 years for all tertiary institutions staff and 70 years for Professors.

5. The amendment of the law to allow Professors in the Universities and Permanent secretaries in the civil service to retire with their basic salaries.

6. Earned Allowance – An allowance for excess workload for all staff in the university, that has now been adopted by all tertiary institutions (Private & Public)

7. NUPENCO- creation of a pension PFA that will be responsible for managing and payment of tertiary institutions pension fund.

8. Forcing government to setup visitation panels to audit the account of all federal universities and prosecute corrupt management staff found culprit.

9. Rejection of N1 million school fee increment that government had not yet forgiven ASUU for the rejection.

10. Rejection of IPPIS that will destroy the university autonomy law. Which will in turn make all public universities become a civil service job.

It is now left to the public and our students to judge if ASUU had been fighting a selfish fight all these years.