Woman Drags, For Shading Awuyemi Ladies As Husband Snatchers

Woman Drags, For Shading Awuyemi Ladies As Husband Snatchers

A woman, with the Facebook Profile name, Deborah Afemikhe, has been dragged by some Okpella Facebook users, after shading Awuyemi, Okpella ladies as husband snatchers.

Please,our Proudly Okpella Group,i want to use this medium to plead with the Group to talk to some of our ladies,[especially Awoyemi ladies],to stop destroying marriages, scattering and snatching people’s husbands, especially those staying in Abuja, as it is becoming too rampant and is tarnishing the great Okpella image.

Go on your knees and pray to God for your husband. Do not try to reap where you did not sow because God is watching.”

“A woman has never really snatched a real husband. Men who need more women goes after them. Keep ur husband tight and try to be romantic. Stop wearing bunuku in d house instead of bumshut. stop making ‘sibbi is a girl hairstyl’ instead of bonestraight and stop looking like a deeper life while u are not so ur hubby can keep his eyes on u always. No vex it is just an advise oo” — Ogah Collins

Y singling out awuyemi ladies?, That is an insult from you so if u don’t know what to post get lostEmmanuel Gideon

I demand you withdraw this statement and apologize to awuyemi ladies.

I’m a married woman and will not be happy if any lady snatch my husband but referring to a whole community is what I will not do or accept from anyone.– Katherine B Yinusa Zan